einstein was wrong...  

According to Einstein’s General Theory of Relativity nothing in the universe moves faster than light.

My experiences over the last couple of days with the university’s student admin system have led me to the conclusion that he is wrong, very wrong...

The one thing that moves faster than light is a set of Goalposts...

The almost quantum like behaviour they seem to exhibit depends entirely on the observers position within a perceived hierarchy.

They can be in multiple positions at the same time, with mutually exclusive and contradictory properties, yet still be considered to be a stationary object.

The only explanation for this is that “Administration” has mass and warps space-time.

The more administration within a given system, the more space-time is warped and the faster the goalposts can move.

If the mass of administration reaches a certain point, then the very fabric of space-time will collapse forming what can only be described as an administrative Black Hole.

The unfortunate consequence for those caught up in such a system is that goalposts, deadlines, memo’s and indeed whole departments are free to pop in and out of existence with no regard for those caught up in it.

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