rendered unto george...  

I've always been interested in what's going on. I don't just mean what's in the papers, but some of the darker things that our governments and military get up to.

Currently we have George Bush and co conducting a particularly nasty and sordid little policy called Extraordinary Rendition. This is where alleged terrorists are flown to countries with less than spectacular records on human rights, and then, well to put it bluntly, tortured. Possibly. We just don't know because they wont tell us.

Anyway I was just doing a little traveling round the country courtesy of the updated google earth, and i decided to have a look at Prestwick Airport in scotland to see if there was any evidence of this policy

And guess what... bingo... sitting on the runway is a US Air Force C5 Galaxy.. with a Stagecoach bus in front of it...!

Quite a surreal image... I wonder who or what was going where...?

Update: The Register have now picked up this story after a tip off from an anonymous source... I wonder who that could have been...? Anyway you can read more here...

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