Ah.. another cold wet day in Liverpool... Which as usual has started me thinking... this time about THINGS, and why they are never where you left them.

Its all to do with names.

When you define a thing by its name, for example say toaster, fridge, pen, kettle etc you define for it a rigid set of rules by which it has to behave and interact with the universe.

However, once you start to refer to it as a "thing", "that thing" or in worst case scenarios "that bloody thing" then the rules change. By defining it as someTHING else, you are altering the rules it uses to define itself, and also perhaps more importantly, how it is defined in relation to the rest of the universe.

You are giving it the right to become anyTHING it wants to, to behave in anyway it sees fit. Everyone knows a Pen can't get up and walk away, however a THING has no such limitations, and can get up and hide itself behind the sofa at a moments notice.

Its what things do...

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